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DARE program mean drug abuse resistance education which has global existence all around the world. It was formed by Daryl Gates and provides assistance to those people who are addicted of using drugs, have a membership in gangs and use violent behavior. Here the police officers teach the students who enter about the ill effects caused by drugs to their health and body.

An interactive environment is kept for the students that last up to ten weeks.The instructors of DARE curriculum are the local police officers that have to undergo 80 hours of special training and only then are permitted to work in the classrooms. These programs run for people for different age groups and there are number of sessions in order to keep the students in a healthy environment so that they do not commit any mistake.

There is development of skills in the students that are used in an effective manner by the latest use of internet and by classroom technology. The participants are taught about the current relationships between the drugs and crime that occurs due to the usage of drugs by them. There is an identification of high risk among the students and their hidden youth language. Various strategies have to be developed for the participation of citizens and there were many citizen oriented public safety programs (Elvira, 2006).

Various community programs are formed and initiated in order to achieve a successful community engagement that considerably reduces the crime in the society and there are anti-social behaviors. Various skills of life are developed that helps the participants to stay safe, healthy and also make a positive contribution within the society. They are able to set the goals of life with criteria for success is developed among the participants.

There are officers present who are able to assess and review the performance of the participants and give them suggestions from time to time when they commit any mistake. They are able to raise their self-esteem and skills are developed among them so that they could increase the opportunities of life.

The participants become inspired and motivated and they are able to achieve their goals and remain focused towards their lives as a whole. They become disciplined and also are able to take responsibility for their own actions. Various supportive networks are developed and also are able to communicate with the networks in a positive manner. They make informed decisions about the health, social and moral dilemmas, they being confined and also work within the framework of personal, learning and also thinking skills.

DARE program aims at providing children with good education, knowledge and skills in order to bring a change in their attitude and also keep them informed about the decisions by keeping them safe and developing healthy lifestyle for them. The children are able to bring a huge difference in their lifestyle as the sessions are interactive and help them in a lot to avoid tobacco related products (Lawrence, 2009).

5th Grade

The program starts in 5th grade in which the students are given the lessons related to their own best interest in which there is high risk and they have to resist the peer pressure and the others also influence by making the personal choices.

8th Grade

In 8th grade, there is an enhancement of real middle school lessons in which the activities on teen OTC are kept related to prescription on drug abuse, gangs and the issues related to internet safety are kept.


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